Evaluation of the Swiss telecommunications market

The studies listed here monitor the development
of the Swiss telecommunications market over time.

The Swiss telecommunications market - an international comparison

The documents listed under this heading set out to give an indication of the state of the telecommunications market in Switzerland and its development.

Analysis of services offered

Analysis which sets out to describe the telecommunication services offered and their impact on the market

Demand analysis

Qualitative study on the use of broadband by small businesses (December 2012)

Economic analyses

Analysis of the costs of the optical fibre roll-out;
Analysis of charges for telecommunications services

Methodology of international prices comparisons

Price comparisons based on exchange rates and purchasing power parities

Market regulation

Analyses of regulation in the telecommunications area

Security of information and communications infrastructures

A Federal Council report to the security policy commissions of the confederation's councils, published in 2001, indicates that the security of information and communications infrastructures in extraordinary situations is substantially guaranteed.

Securing Telecommunications During Power Shortages

A prolonged power shortage is, according to the Federal Office for Civil Protection, the greatest risk to which Switzerland is exposed. The scenario is based on a 30% power shortage during the winter months, lasting for several months. The following reports substantiate possible measures to ensure the continued provision of essential telecommunications services during a power shortage and indicate the costs and impact of such measures.