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Why is my telephone bill higher than usual and why are calls to 0900, 0901 or 0906 numbers shown on the bill?

Calls to 090x numbers have been made from your telephone line. Please check whether you or someone with access to your phone line made calls to such numbers, deliberately or mistakenly, at the specified times.

I disagree with the amount on my bill. Do I still have to pay the bill?

Questions relating to payment of the bill are specified in the contractual conditions which you entered into when you concluded the contract with your telecommunication services provider. You can lodge a written complaint against the bill with your telecommunication services provider. The telecommunication services provider is not entitled to place a bar on your connection if you settle the undisputed portion of the bill within the prescribed period, though it may instigate a prosecution. Within the framework of the collection procedure, a decision will be taken on the legitimacy of the claim.

The debt collection procedure is regulated by federal law on debt collection and insolvency: (only in german, french or italian)

How are the charges for value-added (premium rate) services set?

Providers of value-added service numbers are in principle free to set their prices as they wish. However, they must observe the legal price limits, which are set as follows:

CHF 100 for basic or fixed charges;
CHF 10 per minute;
CHF 400 for all the charges relating to a connection (basic charge, fixed charges and timerelated charges).

What can I do if charges for value-added services are not indicated or are indicated incorrectly?

When a value-added number is communicated verbally or in writing, the charge per minute and/or per call must always be stated. This applies even if a PC dialler is used to charge for adult services on the internet. The details of notification are given in OFCOM’s conditions of use for the operation of value-added services (Instruction relating to the allocation of individual numbers) and in the Ordinance on publication of prices (german, french or italien).


If the price is not indicated or is indicated incorrectly, OFCOM can withdraw this value-added number. In order to initiate a procedure to withdraw the number we need you to give us precise information on the circumstances: for example a copy of the advertisement. In the case of information provided verbally (e.g. on a standard telephone number) we need this telephone number in order to be able to make a monitoring call.

How can I protect myself from high telephone bills for calls made to value-added service numbers?

Providers of services forming part of the universal service are obliged to provide to their customers, free of charge, a baring service for outgoing calls to services with erotic or pornographic content (0906) or to all 090x numbers. In order to prevent any unpleasant surprises in future, we would recommend that you request your operator to bar outgoing calls to such services.

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