Who is responsible for what?

The Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM)

  • allocates 090x numbers to individual persons and companies
  • publishes the names and addresses of the holders of these numbers
  • verifies that the regulations for using these numbers are complied with
  • may revoke allocated 090x numbers or remove them from operation, particularly if
    • - the relevant regulations for operation and use are not complied with (mainly concerns violations of the provisions of the Indication of Prices Ordinance, representation of the number or the choice of number category)
    • - another authority within its jurisdiction determines a violation of federal law or the suspicion of such
  • may refuse to allocate a number to a person or company, in particular if there is suspicion of abuse
  • supports improved consumer protection in this area

What OFCOM cannot do

  • intervene in the event of disagreement regarding the amount of a bill
  • actively support citizens in their steps to dispute a bill
  • revoke a number if there is no legal basis
  • intervene if the regulations in question do not fall within its area of responsibility
  • assess the content of services provided via 090x numbers in relation to legal compliance, quality or value for money
  • judge cases of abuse that fall under civil or criminal law
  • intervene with the holder of an international number

The role of your provider (telecommunications service provider)

  • Your provider is responsible for billing you for calls you make to 090x numbers. The provider receives a certain share of the billed amount for its collection activities.
  • If there are justified reasons for believing that an 090x added-value service number is not complying with the existing regulations and it is necessary to act quickly to prevent serious prejudice, the provider may bar the number for a maximum of four working days. It must then inform OFCOM, which will examine the measures to be taken.

The role of number holders

The holder has been allocated the use of an 090x number by OFCOM. The holder and the providerdetermine the content and the price charged to the caller. The holder is responsible for compliance with legal regulations, even if it does not provide the content itself.

Dispute resolution service ombudscom

The dispute resolution services mediates between customers and Swiss telecommunications providers / added-value service providers in private law disputes that cannot be satisfactorily resolved between the two parties.

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