What should I do if I receive spam SMS messages?

Mobile telephone users are increasing being targeted by spam SMS messages.

If you receive spam SMS messages:

  • Do not call any numbers which are sent to you in spam SMS messages, simply delete the SMS message, unless you want to submit it as proof if you lodge a complaint.
  • Only subscribe to a service if you are aware of the applicable tariff and the code to deactivate the service.
  • If you repeatedly receive spam SMS messages, report this to your mobile phone operator's hotline and inform them of the precise content of the SMS as well as the sender's number or name.
  • Never answer spam SMS messages to express your indignation. Report the incident to your mobile phone operator.

Spam SMS messages and added-value service numbers

Generally, the SMS message invites the mobile user to call an unknown value-added service number (an 090x number or a comparable high-price premium-rate number).

Spam SMS messages and short numbers

Some spam SMS messages invite you to send a word (e.g. CHAT) to a three- to five-digit short number, to subscribe to a value-added service. Such a service may incur high costs.

Telecommunication services providers must provide their customers with free blocking sets which bar access to value-added services via 090x numbers, or via SMS and MMS. However, the bar will not prevent reception of all spam SMS messages.

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Last modification 02.07.2021

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