International telecommunications

The telecommunications sector is globally networked and internationally oriented accordingly. The rapid development of technical innovations, the globalisation of markets and worldwide liberalisation and privatisation efforts make access to cross-border electronic communications networks and services indispensable in order to ensure international competitiveness and the attractiveness of Switzerland as a business location. The access of the Swiss population and economy to diverse, inexpensive, high-quality telecommunication services, both at national and international level, is only possible by taking into account the international environment.

Importance for Switzerland

It is essential for Switzerland to connect to global information networks (information highways). This is why international agreements are being concluded for many cross-border situations (e.g. for frequency management). Furthermore, Switzerland needs to align its legal framework to a certain extent with foreign regulations. It also needs to stay abreast of the developments in other countries and world regions and, if necessary, to keep pace with the international environment. Finally, a functioning global telecommunications infrastructure is a key prerequisite for all countries in the world to benefit from the opportunities of digitalisation and to better achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

OFCOM's activities

OFCOM is actively involved in the following organisations in the area of the international telecommunications:

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