Equal Opportunity

All Swiss citizens shall have equal-opportunity, low-cost, non-discriminatory access to high-quality network infrastructure and innovative content, services and applications.

Data policy

Data have become a driver of growth and change and are gaining importance as the main raw material of the knowledge society in all areas of life. Thanks to today's technological possibilities for collecting, storing and processing data, potentials for new, innovative products and services and for optimising processes and decisions are emerging. Access to data, clear rights relationships and the ability to analyse data are becoming important competitive parameters.

Stories from everyday digital life

The prevention campaign 'Stories from everyday digital life' run by a number of federal agencies and Swiss Crime Prevention aims to raise public awareness about responsible online behaviour and encourage a healthy approach to mobile phones, computers and managing one's own data. OFCOM is leading this national campaign with a comics series. The comics about the Webster family are published in all four national languages and in English. They provide teachers, parents and grandparents with a basis for discussion with young people about everyday digital life, as well as offering practical advice.

Last modification 18.02.2021

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