Technical interface regulations

Technical interface regulations (RIR) define the requirements for the frequency use by radiocommunication equipment in the frequency range up to 3000 GHz. RIR include the technical parameters, the frequency bands as well as the licensing regime (in Switzerland) respectively the obligation for individual frequency assignment (in Liechtenstein).

RIR indicate the technical standards which, when they are fulfilled, pose a presumption of conformity to the essential requirements. The fulfilling of the essential requirements constitutes one of the conditions for offering and making available on the market of radiocommunication equipment in Switzerland and in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Basis document
The basis document RIR0000 explains the structure of the technical interface regulations and the content of the used parameter fields.

Draft for future interface regulations (Draft)
Draft for future interface regulations (RIR) are published for information purposes. They do not have the force of law and their contents can still undergo important modifications until officially released.


The interface regulations will be notified to the World Trade Organization (WTO) and to the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) at the latest 3 months before their scheduled date of entry into force.


List of technical interfaces regulations

RIR-Group Technical Radio Interface Regulations
Aeronautical RIR0101 - Aeronautical communications
  RIR0102 - Aeronautical navigation
  RIR0103 - Aeronautical surveillance
  RIR0104 - Aeronautical emergency
  RIR0105 - Aeronautical telemetry/telecommand
Broadcasting RIR0201 - Broadcasting (terrestrial)
Fixed links RIR0301 - Point-to-Multipoint
  RIR0302 - Point-to-Point
Land mobile RIR0501 - Digital cellular
  RIR0503 - Cordless telephones
  RIR0504 - Emergency services
  RIR0506 - Paging
  RIR0507 - PMR/PAMR
  RIR0510 - ITS
Maritime RIR0601 - GMDSS
  RIR0603 - Maritime communications
  RIR0604 - Maritime navigation
Meteorology RIR0702 - Sondes
  RIR0703 - Weather radar
  RIR0705 - Wind profilers
Satellite systems (civil) RIR0805 - Feeder links
  RIR0806 - FSS Earth stations
  RIR0808 - MSS Earth stations
  RIR0809 - Radionavigation-satellite systems (RNSS)
Short Range Devices RIR1001 - Alarms
  RIR1002 - Railway applications
  RIR1003 - Tracking, tracing and data acquisition
  RIR1004 - Radiodetermination applications
  RIR1005 - Inductive applications
  RIR1006 - Wireless applications in healthcare
  RIR1007 - Model control
  RIR1008 - Non-specific SRDs
  RIR1009 - Radio microphones and ALD
  RIR1010 - Wideband data transmission systems
  RIR1011 - RFID
  RIR1012 - TTT
  RIR1013 - Wireless audio applications
  RIR1021 - Telecommand, telemetry and data transmission with higher power
  RIR1023 - UWB applications
Other RIR1101 - Amateur
  RIR1102 - CB Radio
  RIR1108 - Radiolocation (civil)

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