Radio and TV reception

If you receive radio and TV broadcasts with your own aerial, then OFCOM will be pleased to help you in the event of any interference to reception.

Reception via cable network

If you receive radio or TV via a cable network, then OFCOM is generally unable to give you any further help. In this case, please contact your cable network service provider or check the equipment and cable connection used in your household to receive programme services via the cable network. The document below (available in german only) shows some possible causes of interference to cable network reception and how you can remedy these.

Reception via an aerial

OFCOM is legally obliged to take all appropriate measures to ensure interference-free reception of licensed terrestrial broadcasts. Picture and sound quality can, however, be unsatisfactory for the most varied of reasons. In most cases, the signal received is too weak, because the transmitter is too far away or because the aerial is not sufficiently sensitive or has not been installed and aligned properly. In such cases it is not actually a question of interference to reception. However, OFCOM is continuously working to optimise broadcasting coverage. In all instances, please contact your radio and television dealer first, as they will be able to help you in most cases.


Interference to reception arises if another, unwanted transmission has an adverse effect on your reception. Here we try to offer help as quickly as possible relating to individual cases. However, please make absolutely certain first that your own equipment has no technical faults or deficiencies (for instance, check that your neighbours are experiencing the same problems). If we ascertain that this is the cause of the interference, we will charge the costs of the intervention to you. Since the elimination of interference requires considerable technical resources, any intervention involves very high costs.

How to contact us

If you are able to exclude any faults or deficiencies in your own equipment, please notify the interference online:

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