How to react?

Are you are surprised at the telephone bill you have just received? Can you identify calls to 090x numbers? Is the price for calls to 090x numbers, for example, higher than expected or did you not even realise that calls had been made to 090x numbers?

  1. Inform your provider quickly.

  2. You can challenge the amount charged to you for the call to the 090x number with your provider in writing. If you pay the difference on time the provider cannot block or terminate your contract until the conclusion of the matter. They may, however, deny you access to 090x numbers.

  3. Contact the telecommunications dispute resolution service (ombudscom). If you cannot agree with your provider or the holder of the 090x number, ombudscom can help to settle the matter without resorting to legal proceedings. An attempt to resolve the situation must have been sought before ombudscom can become involved.

  4. Inform OFCOM or the competent authorities (e.g. the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO) in the case of unfair business practices, or the prosecuting authorities in cases of suspected criminal conduct such as fraud).
    OFCOM and other authorities must have comprehensive, detailed information in order to pass judgement on a case. Please send us any documentation that proves when, where and how the 090x number was published (e.g.  the original advertisement, screenshot). Describe in as much detail as possible what has happened (e.g. lack of indication of price or incorrect indication of price, incorrect disclosure of the 090x number).

  5. You can also instigate civil or criminal proceedings against the number holder. In this case it is advisable to involve a lawyer or a legal advice service with the relevant legal expertise.

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Last modification 01.07.2015

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