Other numbers: free of charge or not?

18xy-type short numbers

These are numbers for directory enquiry services. These numbers are generally subject to the same regulations concerning indication of prices as 090x numbers.

Please note that the establishment of a connection to the requested number (e.g. the Connect service) is billed to you according to the information provider's charges (e.g. CHF 1.90 per minute). You must always be made aware of the applicable charge (regardless of the pricing model and amount) immediately before connection.

Free numbers or numbers charged at the national rate

  • 0800: calls to these numbers are free*
  • 084x (0840, 0842, 0844, 0848): shared-cost service numbers: a uniform charge regardless of where in Switzerland the call is made from, with a maximum charge of CHF 0.075 per minute (+VAT, the maximum charge of a national call to the fixed network).

* Exceptions: an extra charge may apply when calls are made from a call box or from abroad.

Short numbers

  • Emergency services:
    • 112: European emergency services number (free of charge)
    • 117: Police emergency call (free of charge)
    • 118: Fire service emergency call (free of charge)
    • 143: Helpline for adults (max. CHF 0.20 per call, or CHF 0.70 from a call box)
    • 144: Emergency medical call (free of charge)
    • 145: Poisons hotline (free of charge)
    • 147: Helpline for children and young people (free of charge)
  • Breakdown and information services: 140, 1410, 1411, 1414, 1415, 163,... (charges: currently between CHF 0.20 and CHF 2.00 per call  and/or per minute)
  • Other short numbers (3 to 5 digits) are used for charged-for SMS and MMS services (see SMSs and MMSs that cost more).  

International numbers

Certain international numbers (see below) have been assigned for the provision of services or for global networks and do not correspond to country dialling codes.

For example, numbers starting with:

  • 00800: international freephone numbers (free of charge)
  • 00881: satellite links (e.g. Inmarsat)
  • 00882: numbers assigned to global international networks, charges for which may amount to several Swiss francs per minute.

Ask your provider about prices.

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