Registration and publication as a TSP

OFCOM registers and publishes the details of providers who use specific resources to provide telecommunications services. These are radio frequencies whose use is subject to licensing and addressing elements which are managed at national level.

Should a TSP intend to grant rights of use of these resources to other TSPs for the provision of telecommunications services, it, as the donor TSP, must notify OFCOM. Any non-registered TSP will then be contacted by OFCOM and asked to submit a form containing the required information.

OFCOM’s supervisory role also includes asking providers to inform it of the telecommunications services they provide in Switzerland.

For registration, the services and necessary details of the service provider will be determined. 

OFCOM examines the criteria and publishes the data it collects in accordance with the information provided by the TSP.

Form to register as a TSP

OFCOM recommends that providers record and maintain the data to be registered electronically. New providers can register online for this purpose:

The registration will be made available in PDF format at a later date. In future, however, an online account will be maintained for each provider. For the time beeing we kindly ask you to use the online registration metioned above.

Fact sheet on registering as a TSP

The fact sheet explains legal basis behind the concept of a TSP, registration and publication on OFCOM’s websites. It helps providers to assess the characterisation of a service offered as a telecommunications service pursuant to the Telecommunications Act:

Guide to registering as a TSP

The guide explains the technical terms and the information required in the registration form:

Obligations pursuant to the SPTA

The Federal Act of 18 March 2016 on the Surveillance of Postal and Telecommunications Traffic (SPTA; CC 780.1) contains obligations to cooperate which may be of relevance for providers of telecommunications services pursuant to the TCA. The necessary information on the obligations to cooperate and the possibility of applying for a reduction in this obligation status (i.e. a ‘downgrade’) can be found on the website of the Post and Telecommunications Surveillance Service (PTSS service).

Please note that pursuant to the STPA, providers of services which are based on telecommunications services and which enable one-way or multipath communication may be subject to an obligation to cooperate, as may other persons, even if these providers or persons carry out an activity which does not entail registration by OFCOM pursuant to the TCA.

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