Electronic communication within the framework of administrative procedures

Like the other administrative authorities of the Confederation, OFCOM and the Federal Communications Commission (ComCom) accept applications and requests sent to them electronically and are able to send their decisions by the same route.

Rather than sending correspondence by post, it is possible to deal with certain matters electronically. To this end, OFCOM and ComCom provide different channels of communication for interested persons.

Recognised secure messaging platforms

You can send us your applications for an administrative decision which fall within OFCOM's jurisdiction via recognised secure messaging platforms. To do this, use OFCOM's e-mail address, which you will find by searching on the keywords "OFCOM" in this platform's directory.

Documents must be sent in PDF format. Please also specify if you want the entire procedure to be handled electronically. If you use the PrivaSphere platform, do not send us the access code (MUC). If you cannot remove this code, please notify us by phone on 058 460 55 25.

Online form

The online formulary provided by DETEC makes it possible to send OFCOM a formal application of decision without the need to open an account on a recognized distribution platform or on the website OFCOM online. Transmission is secure; the data is transmitted directly to OFCOM in encrypted form. Senders should identify themselves using SuisseID. They can keep a copy of their message, saving a receipt in PDF format.


The Federal Communications Commission also allows the submission of applications electronically for the administrative procedures within its remit.

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Last modification 28.02.2022

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