Household / communal dwellings, weekly residents, week-end / holiday homes and dwellings, large / collective households

In a month's time, I am moving in with my partner, who also pays reception fees. What should we do?

A written notification of the move must be sent to Billag AG so that only one person remains registered.

During the week I spend time alternately at home and at my second home. Do I have to pay fees for both?

In order to be subject to the obligation to register and pay a second licence fee for their second home, the occupant must spend three nights or more per week during half the relevant period (minimum of three months).

Do I have to pay the fees again for the radio or television in my holiday home, which is only used privately?

If a household is already registered for private reception, week-end and holiday homes are covered by this registration.

We are three students living in a student residence. Does each of us have to register and pay fees?

Yes. A student residence is defined as a large or collective household.

Do all residents of my communal dwelling have to register and pay fees?

No. It is sufficient for one person to register and pay fees.

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