Equipments of reception / types of reception

I only use my television set for DVDs, videos, games consoles, etc. Do I still have to pay the fees?

The obligation to pay fees for radio/television reception exists regardless of whether and how the receiver uses the equipment. If a radio or television is present in a household via which reception is technically possible, the obligation to pay fees still applies.

I have had my cable connection sealed off / I have had the aerial removed / I have a satellite dish: do I have to pay reception fees?

As far as the obligation to pay the fees is concerned, it is irrelevant whether programmes are received via an aerial, satellite, internet or cable. It is the possibility of receiving programmes which is relevant. If equipment with a receiving component is modified in such a way that reception is technically impossible, there is no obligation to register or pay fees. If reception is possible by a simple action (such as plugging in the aerial, etc.), there is an obligation to register and pay the fees.

Do I have to pay reception fees for my car radio?

Yes. A functioning car radio is subject to the obligation to register and pay the fees for radio reception.

I use my mobile phone to listen to radio. Do I have to register and pay fees?

Yes. A mobile phone is deemed to be radio equipment if it can receive radio programmes.

I have a mobile phone which can receive television programmes. Do I have to register and pay fees?

Television reception on mobile telephones is subject to the obligation to pay fees, whether as digital television according to the DVB-T standard or with reception via streaming (EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA), e.g. "Swisscom TV air" or "Sunrise Mobile TV". Reception quality for both transmission techniques (DVB-T and streaming) is now comparable to that of traditional appliances.

At home I listen to the radio only via the internet; do I have to pay fees?

Yes. If a private individual or a company has a computer with an ISDN connection or a broadband connection (ADSL; cable network) and has installed special software which enables reception (Media Player, RealPlayer, etc.).

At home I receive TV programmes exclusively via the internet. Do I have to pay reception fees?

Yes. If there is a broadband connection (ADSL, cable, etc.), corresponding software is installed (Media Player, RealPlayer, etc.) and a charged-for subscription (e.g. with Netstream or another internet provider which simultaneously offers television programme services, e.g. Sunrise with desktop TV), or a registration for the purpose of reception of television programme services (e.g. with Zattoo).

I use a computer with an ADSL internet connection. Do I have to pay fees for television reception if I don’t watch television via the internet?

There is an obligation to pay fees only if one has a broadband connection (e.g. ADSL, cable network) and corresponding player software (e.g. Media Player, RealPlayer) and if one has concluded a charged-for subscription or registered free of charge with a provider who provides access to television programme services.

I take home my company laptop so that I can work at home. Do I have to pay the reception fees for private reception of radio and/or television programme services via the internet?

As long as you use your company laptop for purely professional tasks (not private) and that your household does not contain any other reception equipment, you are not subject to the obligation to register and pay private reception fees.

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Last modification 01.11.2010

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