The must-carry obligation for cable network operators and other telecommunications service providers

Anyone who provides radio and television programme services via cable in Switzerland is obliged to broadcast certain programme services. These so-called must-carry provisions affect all telecommunications service providers which reach more than 100 households. They apply primarily to digital broadcasting and to a limited extent to analogue broadcasting.

At present there is a must-carry obligation for some 18 to 20 radio or television programme services in the respective coverage area. The broadcasting obligations apply to all telecommunication service providers (TSPs) which provide broadcast programmes, i.e. including web TV providers which broadcast programme services via the open internet.

The general broadcasting obligations for telecommunications service providers (TSPs), including cable network operators, are laid down in articles 59 and 60 of the Radio and Television Act and in article 52 of the Radio and Television Ordinance. Concrete provisions for the broadcasting of SRG programme services are to be found in article 8 of the SRG's licence.

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