Minimum geodata models

Units of the Confederation and the cantons are required to harmonize official geodata within their area of responsibility. This requirement derives from the Federal Geoinformation Act (GeoIG) and its implementing Ordinance, which are designed to permit more widespread use of geoinformation within the administration, the economy, society and the scientific community. In order to achieve this objective, geodata should be made available at the required quality level.

Minimum geodata models that are developed are used to describe, organize and abstract real-world objects which are of interest to a specific technical area. A data model includes a written description of the modelled reality, a catalogue of objects and a conceptual data model (with graphic depiction and textual description).

OFCOM's geodata models

RadioTVTransmitters_V1.ili: Radio and television transmitter network plans_INTERLIS model file 2.3 (ZIP, 1 kB, 19.07.2016)This document is available in German only
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Publication date: 30.05.2016

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