Federal Council report on the public service in the media sector

In response to the Transport and Telecommunications Committee's postulate (14.3298), the Federal Council has produced a report giving a comprehensive review of the public service. The report analyses the public service provided by the SSR SRG and private radio and television broadcasters with and without support from reception fees and presents approaches for the future scope of the public service.

The report and further documentation on this topic is available in German and French.

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Adapting the public service in the media sector to digitisation

Even in the age of the internet and digitisation, Switzerland remains committed to an independent and comprehensive public service in the media sector. In order to continue to meet this challenge, the framework conditions for licensed radio and television broadcasters at the national and regional level must be adapted. In its report published today, the Federal Council comes to the conclusion that for direct democracy in Switzerland, which is characterised by linguistic and cultural diversity, the existing model with the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SBC or SRG SSR) as a major provider anchored in all the linguistic regions has proved itself and that this guarantees a high-quality public service. The model is also the most suitable one for the future. However, the demands on the SRG SSR must be made more stringent – though with the same budget. Furthermore, the SRG SSR must better address the requirements of young people who are turning to the internet.

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Last modification 28.03.2017

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