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Gigabit Strategy

A reliable broadband infrastructure is required in all regions to ensure that inhabitants and businesses throughout Switzerland are able to benefit from digitalisation. With the report 'Federal Strategy for a Very High Capacity Network', the Federal Council shows how high-speed internet can also be implemented in regions in which expansion is not worthwhile for the industry. The Federal Council has tasked the DETEC with making suggestions for further action by the end of the year. It approved the 'Federal Strategy for a Very High Capacity Network' at its meeting on 28 June 2023. The report fulfils the postulate of the same name by the National Council's Transport and Telecommunications Committee.

Service public

The report analyses the public service provided by the SSR SRG and private radio and television broadcasters with and without support from reception fees and presents approaches for the future scope of the public service.

Evolution of the Swiss Telecommunications Market

With the Telecommunications Report 2014, the Federal Council is presenting a further report on the development of the Swiss telecommunications market. Following reports in 2010 and 2012, with the 2014 Report the Federal Council is therefore fulfilling a parliamentary mandate to analyse developments in the telecommunications market and identify requirements for legislative action. The report also contains information on the Confederation’s majority holding in Swisscom.

Sustainable mobile phone network

On 13 April, the Federal Council adopted a report in fulfilment of the Häberli-Koller postulate (19.4043; Sustainable mobile phone network).

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