Telecom Services and Post (TP)

The Division administers the telecommunications regulations and implements the postal legislation and ensures their ongoing development.

The Telecom Services and Post Division

  • prepares business on behalf of the Department, the Federal Council and Parliament in relation to telecoms and the post, and prepares the regulatory decisions of the Federal Communications Commission (ComCom);
  • handles international business within its specialist area;
  • works to guarantee important basic internet functionality for Switzerland, such as the availability of ".ch" and ".swiss" domain names;
  • exercises supervision of compliance with the Telecommunications Act;
  • provides telecommunications service providers with services, such as the award of mobile radio licences or the assignment of blocks of telephone numbers;
  • supervises the universal service for payment transactions in the postal sector and assesses applications for reduced delivery charges for newspapers.

The division is subdivided in 5 sections:

Specialist staff
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René Dönni, Vice-Director

René Dönni Kuoni

Head of Telecom Services and Post and  Vice-Director