European harmonised services numbers (116xyz format)

OFCOM is making available the short numbers in the 116xyz format. These numbers are reserved, as in the rest of Europe, for free telephone services providing support and assistance to the population.

Numbers available for harmonised services of social value
Number Service for which this number is reserved Description
116006 Helpline for victims of crime The service enables victims of crime to get emotional support in such circumstances, to be informed about their rights and about ways to claim their rights, and to be referred to the relevant organisations. In particular, it provides information about (a) local police and criminal justice proceedings; (b) possibilities of compensation and insurance matters. It also provides support in finding other sources of help relevant to the victims of crime.
116016 Helpline for victims of violence against women The service enables victims of violence against women to seek assistance and support, to be informed of their rights and of ways to claim their rights, and to be referred to the relevant organisations.
116117 Non-emergency medical on-call service The service directs callers to the medical assistance appropriate to their needs, which are urgent but non-life-threatening, especially, but not exclusively, outside normal office hours, over the weekend and on public holidays. It connects the caller to a skilled and supported call-handler, or connects the caller directly to a qualified medical practitioner or clinician.
116123 Emotional Support Helplines The service enables the caller to benefit from a genuine human relationship based on non-judgemental listening. It offers emotional support to callers suffering from loneliness, in a state of psychological crisis, or contemplating suicide.

For the allocation of these numbers, refer to the point 3 of the guide below.

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Last modification 21.03.2024

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