Short numbers for SMS and MMS services

Short numbers (3-5 digits) allow users to access content services (generally fee-paying) via SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging System) services. These numbers are assigned by the telecommunication services providers directly to the content providers. Although SMS and MMS services are traditionally offered on mobile telephony networks, they are increasingly being offered on fixed telephony networks.

Authorized holders for management and allocation of short numbers for SMS and MMS services:

Salt Mobile SA
Rue du Caudray 4
1020 Renens VD


Swisscom (Schweiz) AG
Alte Tiefenaustrasse 6
3050 Bern


Sunrise GmbH
Thurgauerstrasse 101B
8152 Glattpark (Opfikon)


Code of conduct

Mobile operators who have obtained permission to operate short numbers for SMS/MMS services have agreed on a code of conduct concerning the added-value services offered in this way. This document lays down the terms of application of the law and defines a number of rules which operators undertake to obey.

  • Standard keywords are defined for the subscription services. for example, START to begin a subscription and STOP or STOPP (followed by the name of the service as applicable) to stop it 
  • Two barring sets must be offered: one for all short numbers and the other for adult entertainment services only.
  • All short numbers starting with 6 are reserved for adult entertainment services.
  • For subscription services, operators must indicate the frequency of paid-for messages which are received.
  • On concluding a subscription (Push services), the Mobile Service Provider must provide the following details to the end customer by SMS/MMS or via WAP using the corresponding WAP interface at no charge
    - Basic charge, if any
    - Price per unit of information
    - Clear instruction on how the service may be cancelled
    - Maximum number of separate units of information per minute (DTS upper price limit must be observed for SMS/MMS)
    - Ideally, an e-mai address should also be given. After receiving this information, the end customer must expressly confirm that they are ordering the service, and shall do so by SMS, MMS or pressing a link (depended on the service subscribed to). Only after this may charges be levied (Art. 11b para.2 PBV).
  • In order to combat spam, advertising messages may be sent only to customers who have given their consent or who have ordered services at least three times. Moreover, two advertising messages at most may be sent per week.

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