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The newsletter and social media allow you to follow OFCOM's work and get the latest news concerning the Office and its areas of activity.

The following newsletters are at your disposal:

  • Media
  • Telecommunication

Published on the 1st and 15th of each month, this newsletter contains a list of all the pages updated on the site over the last 15 days.

OFCOM Infomailing deals with the central themes of the Federal Office of Communications: telecommunications, post as well as radio and television. The published articles, available in German, French and Italian, contain insights into the market, technological developments, legal issues and questions related to frequencies, telecommunications equipment, the information society and the Office's international activities.

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Our social media presence obeys certain rules

OFCOM sets out to use its X account to broadly disseminate information about its most important activities. Internet users can therefore quickly and simply find out about the Office's latest activities and publications.

We welcome your comments and questions. Please note that we only respond to questions where this is possible. If you require a guaranteed response, please use the options listed on the contact page of our website.

We hope that this X account will be an exchange forum for open and courteous dialogue and ask you to respect the rules of X. We reserve the right to remove or, if necessary, to report any references to OFCOM or messages addressed to OFCOM if these:

  • are racist, sexist, discriminatory or defamatory,
  • violate third party rights, including intellectual property rights, data protection rights, the principle of transparency, other personal or property rights, or contain misleading or illegal content,
  • have a threatening, libellous or pornographic nature, incite violence, contain depictions of nudity or, more generally promote violence in graphical or any another form,
  • have content of an advertising nature,
  • resemble spam.

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