Telecommunication services providers (TSP)

Registration and publication as a TSP

Anyone wishing to use radio frequencies or addressing elements which are subject to licensing and administered at national level for the provision of telecommunications services must be registered by OFCOM.

Radio licences

Anyone wanting to use the frequency spectrum to provide telecommunication services must apply for a licence.

List of TSP

Information on the names and addresses, telecommunication services and interfaces.

Emergency call services

Telephone service providers must offer a service that enables users to reach the appropriate emergency call centre in the event of danger to life and limb, health or property (emergency call service). They must guarantee routing and location identification for emergency calls.

Guidelines for the security

The goal of these directives on the security and availability of telecommunication infrastructures and services is to specify the security requirements of the legislature so that the affected parties can provide these in a coordinated fashion and increase consumer confidence. In addition, the guidelines define minimum security levels which each telecommunication services provider should ensure in order to contribute to the reliability and availability of the national telecommunications network.