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How much does the collection agency charge per reminder?

From 1 January 2005, the charge for a reminder to settle unpaid invoices is fixed at CHF 5.00 per reminder.

Is the collection agency entitled to charge an indemnity for initiating legal prosecutions and how much do they charge for this procedure?

Yes. The indemnity for initiating legal prosecution is fixed at CHF 20.00.

Reception of radio or television programmes is of poor quality. Do I still have to pay the fees in full or is there a possibility of a reduction?

It is irrelevant whether the reception quality is poor or whether certain programmes cannot be received at all.

I have realised that I have been paying double fees for years because I was registered twice. What should I do?

Billag AG must be informed immediately, in writing. At most, the excess fees paid within the last 5 years can be refunded.

I have moved and am no longer receiving bills for reception fees. What should I do?

You have to inform immediately Billag AG. The change of address has to be communicated to them.

I have received a high recalculated bill and I can't pay the full amount immediately. What can I do?

Contact Billag AG and try to agree payment by instalments with them. Billag AG is not liable to accept the offer.

What happens if I don't pay the bills?

Billag AG must prosecute to recover outstanding fees. Anyone who does not pay the bill will receive a reminder from Billag AG and is then prosecuted in the event of non-payment.

What happens if I forget to register? Do I have to pay a fine?

Billag AG is obliged to report to OFCOM those persons who are preparing to operate or are operating equipment suitable for receiving radio or television programmes without registering beforehand (unlicensed viewers and listeners).

In such cases, OFCOM has to carry out an official investigation and generally also instigate an administrative penalty procedure.

Anyone who prepares for operation or operates equipment which is suitable for receiving radio or television programmes without first registering with Billag AG will be punished by a fine of up to CHF 5'000.--.

I gave away my television set a year ago and informed Billag AG. I have had a TV set again for 6 months. Am I risking a fine for unlicensed viewing?

You should have notified Billag AG six months ago. In such cases, a fine of up to CHF 5'000.-- can be expected.

I wish to pay the fees quarterly using payment slips. How does it work?

You have the option of paying the fees on a quarterly basis. However, additional fees amounting to CHF 8.00 per year will be charged to you because of the additional costs generated by this method of payment. You must inform Billag AG that you wish to receive quarterly bills.

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I wish to pay the fees quarterly by direct debit (post) or LSV (bank) or e-bill (bank and PostFinance). Do I have to pay extra charges of CHF 8.00 per year?

No, you do not pay additional charges, as these payments methods doesn't involve costs related to sending out invoices. You must inform Billag AG that you wish to pay quarterly.

The following internet site is available in German, French and Italian only. Please click on the desired language above in the Navigation Menu.

Why doesn't everyone have to pay the annual bill at the same time?

Annual billing is being introduced in stages to ensure that:

- the SRG receives money on a regular basis;
- the collection agency can spread its work out over the whole year.

For these reasons fee-payers are divided into 12 groups.

How are people who are required to pay fees allocated to the different groups?

Billag AG allocates these people to the different groups on a purely random basis.
In order not to inconvenience the different customer groups (language, place of residence, etc.) customers have been subdivided in a random manner.

Annual billing will generate savings. Why are fee-payers not getting a reduction? Where is this money going?

The money which is saved will benefit the SRG and private broadcasters directly, and fee-payers indirectly. The switch to annual billing is partly responsible for the fact that fees will not have to be increased for the years 2011 - 2014. Viewers and listeners will therefore continue to benefit from a wide range of media offerings at the same price as previously.

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