Licences and Frequency Management (KF)

The Licences and Frequency Management Division is the competence centre for sovereign regulatory tasks in the field of wireless communications. It ensures the availability of frequencies in Switzerland for the population and the economy and awards radiocommunication licences.

The Licences and Frequency Management Division:

  • manages the frequency spectrum on the basis of Swiss law and international agreements;
  • produces the planning basics for broadcasting and telecommunications networks;
  • produces the frequency-technical parts of radiocommunication licences;
  • awards radiocommunication licences;
  • represents Switzerland on international radiocommunications committees;
  • within its area of activity, is the contact point for research and development and industry;
  • provides help and information to all customers on the market within its area of competence; 
  • prepares the information required to make decisions within its area of competence on behalf of the Federal Council and the Swiss Federal Communications Commission (ComCom) as well as the licence issuing divisions of the Office.
  • deal with issues related to electromagnetic compatibility and environmental electromagnetic compatibility (EMC and EEMC)

The division is subdivided in 5 sections:

Specialist staff
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Philippe Horisberger

Philippe Horisberger

Head of Equipment and Radiocommunication Licences and Deputy Director