Fee for collective households

One new feature is the CHF 730 fee for collective households, as enumerated definitively in the Register Harmonisation Ordinance.  

Such households include:

  • Old people's homes and nursing homes,
  • Residential and correction homes for children and young people,
  • Boarding schools and student hostels,
  • Institutions for the disabled,
  • Hospitals, sanatoria and similar institutions in the healthcare sector,
  • Institutions for the enforcement of sentences and measures,
  • Community accommodation for asylum seekers,
  • Monasteries and other accommodation of religious groups.

A collective household, for example an old people's home, pays the fee for all its residents. The body responsible for the collective household is therefore liable for the collective household fee. Residents of the collective household do not have to pay anything.

Collective households may be additionally liable for the fee charged to businesses. In this case they will be informed by the Federal Tax Administration (FTA).



  • The yearly fee for private households is CHF 365.


  • Serafe AG collects the fee for collective households.
  • The body responsible for the collective household is liable for the fee.
  • In the first year of collection of the new fee, billing takes place in two stages, with a partial bill and an annual bill.
  • Collective households, like private households, are allocated to one of twelve billing groups on a random basis. If the collective household is in the first group, it will receive an annual bill for CHF 730 in January 2019. If it is in the second group, in January it will receive a bill for this month only followed by the annual bill in February. A collective household in the third group will receive an invoice for January and February in January and the annual bill in March, and so on through the year.
  • If a mistake is found in the address data, this should be reported to the competent authority of the municipality or canton. The latter send the data to Serafe via the canton.
  • As before, bills can be paid as an annual or quarterly bill, in paper form, as an e-bill or by direct debit. A paper quarterly bill will continue to cost an additional CHF 2 because of the higher administrative costs.
  • The bill will be issued in the first month of the billing period; the annual bill is due within 60 days and the partial and quarterly bills are due within 30 days. The statutory period of limitation is five years.
  • Legal basis: Article 69c of the Federal Radio and Television Act (RTVA; CC 784.40) and Article 57 of the Radio and Television Ordinance (RTVO; CC 784.401)


The universal fee for private and collective households


Last modification 04.01.2019

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