New process for correcting address data on radio-television fee invoices

A solution has been found so that SERAFE AG – the collection agency for the universal radio and television fee – can transmit household data containing errors or inaccuracies in the address to the residents' registers. The Federal Office of Communications, Serafe and the Association of Swiss Residential Services have jointly defined the information to be included in forms that will be sent to municipalities. The residents' registers of all municipalities and the cantons are informed accordingly by a letter from OFCOM.  

Since 22 January 2019, SERAFE AG is  the only  point of contact for households with queries concerning radio-television fee invoices. This means the fee collection agency also compiles the error reports relating to invoicing address data and household composition data. However, it cannot make the changes itself. Until now, the process enabling SERAFE AG to send the data to the registers of residents has not yet  been put in place.

The various parties plan to meet again to review the matter. The aim is to constantly and sustainably improve the quality of radio-television fee invoicing.

Last modification 30.09.2019

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