Telecommunications Report 2014

With the Telecommunications Report 2014, the Federal Council is presenting a further report on the development of the Swiss telecommunications market. Following reports in 2010 and 2012, with the 2014 Report the Federal Council is therefore fulfilling a parliamentary mandate to analyse developments in the telecommunications market and identify requirements for legislative action. The report also contains information on the Confederation's majority holding in Swisscom.

The report sheds light on international roaming, previous and new phenomena in relation to consumer and youth protection, net neutrality, as well as the challenges in relation to fast broadband coverage which is as comprehensive as possible. The Telecommunications Report 2014 concludes that the current Telecommunications Act does not provide adequate responses to many questions and should be revised, and proposes a two-stage procedure for this. Regarding the Confederation's majority holding in Swisscom, the report calls for this to be maintained for the time being.

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  • Telecommunications Report 2014
  • Companion study to the Telecommunications Report 2014: The Swiss telecommunications market - an international comparison (status 2013)

Evolution of the Swiss Telecommunications Market: supplementary report

The Federal Council wants to progress work on a partial revision of the Telecommunications Act in the current legislative session in order to resolve important issues about the future development of electronic communications. In its new report on the evaluation of the telecommunications market for the attention of Parliament, the Federal Council notes that the current Telecommunications Act has had a positive effect on the telecommunications sector but is coming up against boundaries from a technological perspective.

At Parliament's request, the Federal Council has produced a supplementary report on the evaluation of the telecommunication market, published on 28 March 2012. In it, the Federal Council comes to the conclusion that the challenges of the future are now emerging more clearly.

Evaluation of the telecommunications market (PDF, 1014 kB, 28.03.2012)Supplementary report (available in German, French and Italian only)

Evaluation of the telecommunications market: report from 17.09.2010

On 17 September 2010, the Federal Council published an evaluation report on the telecommunications market which it had produced on behalf of Parliament. At that time it indicated possible adaptations of the existing law, in order to respond to the shortcomings which had been identified. However, in the overall assessment, it refrained from proposing a revision of the Act to Parliament. At the same time it indicated that it would closely monitor developments and continue to examine any possible need for action.

With this report the Federal Council fulfilled postulate 09.3002 of the Committee on Transportation and Telecommunications (CTT) of the Council of States.

An extract of the report is available in English (Summary, Chapters 1 and 9).
The complete report is available in German, French and Italian.
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Accompanying studies to the report from 17.09.2010

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