Programme analyses: SRG Online

The scientific analyses of the SRG's online offering are carried out at regular intervals. They consist of quantitative content analyses of the SRG's entire online offering. A random selection of the online presences of the four business units - SRF, RTS, RSI and RTR - was used as the sample. The conformity of the SRG's online offering with its licence was examined using quantitative content analyses. An additional link analysis addressed the intensity of external electronic links. The link analysis was based on a deliberate selection of the most frequent external domains. The final report is available in German; summaries in French, Italian and English are available. The contractor for this study was the Institut für PublizistikwissenschaftInstitut und Medienforschung of the University of Zurich.

Survey year 2015

Specialist staff
Last modification 07.02.2017

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