Programme analyses: regional TV stations

The scientific analyses of regional television programmes are carried out at regular intervals. All licensed regional television stations were examined, as well as Tele Züri for reasons of comparison, using quantitative content analyses (full survey of the licensed regional television broadcasters). Two natural weeks per year were used as samples, one in spring and one in the autumn; in this way it is possible to take seasonal fluctuations into account. The daily broadcast schedule during prime time on workdays was examined. The study focused on the core areas of the performance mandate in the licences and analysed, among other things, the diversity of topics, participants and forms as well as the regional focus of news/information transmissions. The final report is available in German; summaries in French, Italian and English are available. The contractor for this study is the Publicom AG.

Survey year 2022

Survey year 2020

Survey year 2018

Survey year 2016

Survey year 2014

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